[mythtv-users] New script to pause/resume playback; save unlimited bookmarks

Dan Wilga mythtv-users2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Mon Sep 10 13:44:31 UTC 2012

I've been working on a script for the past few weeks, that I think 
others might find useful. I present, MythPause:


MythPause is a Python script which solves several prominent problems 
with MythTV:

Scenario 1:

   You're watching a program in the living room, and it's dinner time. 
You want to continue the program on the frontend in the kitchen, but 
getting back to the exact program and location you were just watching 
takes a lot of button presses on the remote.

   MythPause will let you create a single key press on your remote 
control which saves the position and stops the frontend then, when you 
use your remote on the second frontend, the same key press resumes 
playback at the exact location you were just viewing.

Scenario 2:

   Your kids want to watch the same parts of their favorite movies--not 
the whole thing--over, and over, and over. You could use the bookmark 
feature, but that still means having to find the movie. You also can't 
store more than one bookmark per movie.

   With MythPause, you can set up any number of bookmarks that, when 
activated, resume playback at the chosen location with a single command. 
They can even be added to a menu inside the frontend, to make it easy 
for the kids to use.

Scenario 3:

   You use MythTV's bookmark feature to save the start of programs that 
get viewed over and over. So, what if you're in the middle of watching 
and want to continue watching where you left off? If you save the 
traditional bookmark, finding the program start will be difficult the 
next time you want to start over.

   MythPause saves its positions into its own part of the database, so 
you can use it without affecting the built-in bookmark.

Scenario 4:

   You're looking for another way to drill down to some of the harder to 
reach jump points, like Weather or Images, using a remote control key press.

   You can do that, too, using MythPause!

If you have any support questions or bug reports, please use the github 
issue queue or send me a private email. If you've found any use cases I 
haven't thought of, let me know about that, too, since I hope to write 
some wiki pages in the near future.

Dan Wilga                                                        "Ook."

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