[mythtv-users] Frontend taking Extraordinarily Long to Load

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Sun Sep 9 18:22:37 UTC 2012

>> Anyone have any ides what could be going on?

>DNS failing?


I thought about network issues (including DNS).  I am planning on moving my 
3 HDHRs to their own network and have ordered another NIC for my backend to 
facilitate this.  The NIC isn't in yet, but this morning I moved all the 
HDHRs to a separate, unmanaged switch and for now, simply patched it to the 
main switch on my network as well as moving a couple other patch cables 
around.  I though perhaps it was bad ARP tables in the switches from all the 
moving of stuff around.  I power cycled everything (both switches and router 
with dd-wrt which handles DNS for my network), hoping it would clear the ARP 
tables, but nothing changed.

About 10 minutes after I power cycled all my network gear, I was trying to 
dig through logs to get a sample for this thread, it just started working 
properly again out of the blue.  Perhaps it was ARP issues and power cycling 
didn't clear the tables and it took a while for the switches to work it out?

Now, however the frontend I was playing with to get a log file sample of the 
frontend starting isn't logging to /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log (though 
it is to the db).  I had removed mythfrontend.log and run "sudo 
install -m0644 -o syslog -g adm /dev/null /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log" 
to try and get a fresh log file with a fresh startup but nothing is logging 
to it.  htop shows the frontend process as running 
"mythfrontend.real --syslog local7" which should cause logging to the log 
file, shouldn't it? 

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