[mythtv-users] Alternative to Silicondust HDHR3-6CC-2X3?

David Litchman david.litchman at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 13:49:31 UTC 2012

On 9/6/2012 2:43 AM, Joseph Fry wrote:
>                 I've been trying to order one of these, but no one
>                 seems to have them
>                 in stock, and one retailer told me that they're
>                 discontinued. I could
>                 get two of the three-tuner model, but I'd prefer one
>                 piece of
>                 equipment.  Any good alternatives?  Anyone know if
>                 Silicondust working
>                 on a replacement for this unit?
>             http://www.amazon.com/KG48348MR-Instant-Advanced-Precision-0-18-Ounce/dp/B000BKO6DG/
>             AIUI, it would be little different from the 6CC unit, save the
>             additional power supply.  :)
>         The 6CC literally was two 3CC boards in a shared case. There
>         were two network jacks, two cablecard slots, two coaxial
>         inputs, two USB ports for tuning adatpers, two....
>         The only thing stopping someone from making their own is the
>         warranty.
>     Well, if I'm going to get two units, is there any reason to get
>     the 3CC over an InfiniTV USB?  I kind of like the idea of an
>     ethernet interface but I'd be getting four tuners per unit rather
>     than three with the Silicondust...
> I can think of a few reasons:
> 1. Cost... can typically find a HDHR Prime for about $129 if your 
> patient (woot, groupon, etc)
> 2. Ethernet interface... arguably more reliable than 
> usb, infinitely more flexible as far as install options go.
> 3. Ethernet interface... yeah, again... works great for a virtualized 
> backend if you choose to do that.
> 4. Ethernet interface.... yep, one more... future proof (nearly)... no 
> underlying driver or hardware support (other than ethernet), very 
> unlikely to find a computer that can't use the HDHR in the next 20 
> years.  More likely to replace it for some sort of IPTV adapter before 
> then.
> 5. Very Mythtv friendly manufacturer... the folks at Silicondust 
> actually contribute to the development of Mythtv to ensure support and 
> are very active in the support of the HDHR with Mythtv, even 
> dedicating entire sections in their forums to it.
> Item #5 is reason enough for me, Ceton doesn't even advertise that it 
> is compatible with Linux.

Thanks for the feedback, I actually already went and ordered two of the 
HDHR Prime 3CCs.  The price from Amazon was $129, guess I got lucky there.

Now, obviously I'm going to have to split my coax connection, what's the 
best way to go about that?  Just a plain splitter, or is a 
powered/amplified one recommended?  My TV provider is Comcast, if that 
makes a difference.

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