[mythtv-users] HushTechnologies Case - new motherboard/cpu advice for FE (quite specific)

alessandro campobassi alessandro.campobassi at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 20:55:58 UTC 2012

> Are the slots pci or pci-e?
There is indeed a PCI-e 16x free, as I have the AsusGT430 1GB graphics
card from the FE/BE (soon to be just BE) I will re-use.
It does 1080 no worries at all. Saves me buying another, and adding to
costs. Backend can use the built in VGA if I need to bang a monitor on
I checked today and it fits no problems at all, just need a PCIe riser
cable with ribbon cable and it's fine. The Tuner card used PCI

> If PCI make sure you get a pci NVidia card 8400
> or greater.  I got a couple of eBay here in the US.  Pull the tuner as that
> will go in the backend.  I'm experimenting with minimyth, which maybe a way
> to go, as you could remove all storage in the frontend and boot the network.
> I use a pci 8400 card which is good enough for 1080i ATSC on myth and xbmc
> on our bedroom tv in an old Dell we had lying around.
I'll use a 60GB SSD - for the mythbuntu OS, mythfront and xbmc
software - all content is on backend and a NAS box.

> Assuming you're in Italy (from your name), somewhere like Brevi should be
> able to help, or just go to eBay.
I'm from Australia actually, father Italian - but now I live in France !

Thanks to all for the advice, I ordered the small bits I needed from
Amazon.fr today....
Now just gotta punch a hole in the wall to send my dual satellite
feeds/cables down to the basement. Lucky it's only a 2-3 metre length
as the TV room is right above the room where the BE will be! :)

Cheers folks!

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