[mythtv-users] HushTechnologies Case - new motherboard/cpu advice for FE (quite specific)

Rob Davis rob at davis-family.info
Wed Sep 5 12:05:45 UTC 2012

On 05/09/12 01:23, alessandro campobassi wrote:
>>> Sorry, can you explain a bit further? add-in card?
>> PCI or PCI-e NVidia card for VDPAU. That's what I added to my own
>> mini-ITX case that contains an old mobo otherwise incapable of HDTV.
> Ah, of course - yes, I see.
>> I can't find any info on your case online, .....
> Yeah, it seems Hush Technologies - the German company have gone under.....
>> cases either come with, or require you to purchase, a right-angle slot
>> adapter so your add-in card can lay down parallel with the mobo.
>> Hopefully your case has an opening in the back to allow video
>> connections to an add-in card?
> Yes, it has 2 slots (horizontal/parallel to the mobo) for cards.
> A PCI riser card is already used for the Tuner Card, and the other was
> empty - but in actual fact, only one slot is really usable, as the
> space is very limited in there. The Tuner card will be coming out for
> sure, so for the 2 slots just need enough space for the graphics card.
> I will see if my Asus GT430 fits, and if so, I'll simply add that to the case.
> Now,  I found the original invoice and the CPU installed is a AMD 64,
> 3200+ 2,0GHz.
> Should I simply keep that CPU, or try and add the best CPU for that
> socket I can find?
> The mobo can have only 4GB ram max, and that's what I have. For a FE,
> 4GB should be ok?
> Thanks again for your advice, the mythtv list is always welcoming to
> questions and a great help for 'not-so-technical' people!
> Sandro

Are the slow pci or pci-e?  If PCI make sure you get a pci NVidia card 
8400 or greater.  I got a couple of eBay here in the US.  Pull the tuner 
as that will go in the backend.  I'm experimenting with minimyth, which 
maybe a way to go, as you could remove all storage in the frontend and 
boot the network.  I use a pci 8400 card which is good enough for 1080i 
ATSC on myth and xbmc on our bedroom tv in an old Dell we had lying around.

Assuming you're in Italy (from your name), somewhere like Brevi should 
be able to help, or just go to eBay.


Rob Davis

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