[mythtv-users] Refresh Rate

Simon Jones sijones2010 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 22:02:28 UTC 2012

Hi People,

I have 2 issues that i thought i'd see if anyone else is getting before bug

1st is my desktop is set to 1920x1080p at 50hz, as in uk frame rate being
25 it matches the doubling of the deinterlacer and has been fine, but i've
gone to 0.26 and am seeing that as soon as i start myth the frame rate is
changed to 60hz, when i start any playback it tries a change of refresh but
it's always 60hz that it ends up on.

I use the tv menu to tell me the current resolution and refresh, and i can
tell by the stutter when it's not right, it seems strange as if the desktop
mode was in 60hz and couldn't be changed then i'd look at desktop issues
but it seems to me like a myth issue because exiting myth results in the
refresh changing back to 50hz for the desktop.

The second is aspect ratio, a few months ago i used override aspect ratio
because when playing back tv it would always go 4:3 but change channel and
would correct itself to 16:9, so i just thought it would be resolved later,
i have just been playing due to the refresh and stopped overriding the
aspect and tv seems fine but recorded tv defaults to 4:3 on all my

Any ideas?
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