[mythtv-users] 0.25->0.26: problems with high mem consumption and oom kils

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Tue Sep 4 19:05:42 UTC 2012

On 9/4/12 7:34 PM, Tyler T wrote:
>>> Why bother trying to diagnose it? Why not add swap space?
>>> The other option is to add more RAM.
> If it's a memory leak, it'll still crash with 32GB of RAM installed...
> just takes a little longer.
>> BE seems to be little different story: 800-900MB for it seems to be little
>> too high, especially compared with 250-300MB I usually observed in 0.25
> Agreed. Have you considered enabling verbose logging and submitting a
> bug report?
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Thx for replay.
In fact I launch detailed logging for to be sure there is no error from 
my side. Probability is low as 0.26 was compiled/installed on exactly 
the same environment like 0.25, so I really doubt it is environment issue.
Next I observe RSS as function on time. It has stepped growth but after 
reaching given level is practically constant in time. This hints me that 
issue is probably related to particular code paths.
I.e. in BE it seems to almost directly related to number of running 
recorders AND recording concurrency.
I can't resist to feeling that it is result of switching logging 
messaging to zeromq - but this is only speculation.
What is more interesting - before upgrade to 0.26, I had 0.25 BE with 
all major changes in EIT/recorders backported from 0.26->0.25.
It as working really nicely weeks without issues. So in recording 
infrastructure I can fairly say 0.25 with 0.26's recording subsystem 
don't have RSS issue. On the other hand, 0.26 BE RSS issue is directly 
proportional to running recorders+concurrency...

I post to ML because I want to find most efficient way to diagnose this 
type of problems. Software tools are constantly improved and probably I 
missed some nice tools/techniques to diagnose memory consumption in 
Having limited maintenance time windows on my production BE + somehow 
limited time I can devote to this, I prefer hints from knowledgeable ppl 
instead learning by try-error


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