[mythtv-users] HushTechnologies Case - new motherboard/cpu advice for FE (quite specific)

alessandro campobassi alessandro.campobassi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 18:58:00 UTC 2012

> From what I understand, socket 939 through AM3 use the same CPU
> location on the mobo. Bad news, though. In your case with 939, there
> are two bolt-through holes on the sides of the CPU. Unfortunately for
> you on AM2/AM3 there is one hole in each corner. So even though the
> CPU should be in the same location, you will probably have no way to
> bolt down the cooler to a new mobo. If there's some way to clip the
> heatpipe instead of bolt, you might be able to make it work?

Actually I *think* the heatpipe clips onto the plastic
square-heat-sink-bracket on the mobo, so it might be do-able.
Otherwise, like you said a remove the heatpipe and use a low profile
cpu cooler (Big shuriken etc) but it's adding to the expense.

> Since cost is an issue, I think an add-in card for your existing mobo
> is going to be your cheapest and easiest solution.
Sorry, can you explain a bit further? add-in card?


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