[mythtv-users] HushTechnologies Case - new motherboard/cpu advice for FE (quite specific)

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Tue Sep 4 15:55:21 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

> Back in 2005 when I was a crazy young lad with no sense of the value
> of money, I splashed out ridiculous money on a HushTechnologies
> fanless system!
> It's currently running on A8N-VM CSM motherboard MicroATX mobo with 4GB
> DDR2.
> This is a fantastic case and is almost 100% silent (and it cost me an
> arm and a leg back in '05)
> It has been my FE/BE combo since 2005, but doesn't support HD playback :(
> I have since built a new BE that will be good for quite some time yet,
> but I am looking for advice for a mobo/CPU to bang into this case.
> As this will be a FE only, I am looking for a good performing cheap
> mobo with onboard graphics card with HDMI output, gigabit NIC.
> The ability to add cards (graphics cards etc) is very limited in this
> case, the space is crazy small, so I prefer to try and use mobo with
> onboard video, but I think I can fit one GT430 in!
> But as I just built a new BE, I am hoping to spend as little as
> possible on the motherboard/cpu and ram.
> All that is well and good, BUT !!! the only caveat is that the CPU
> heat sink / heat pipe in the case fits great on the current socket
> (AMD Socket 939) mobo, so the new mobo will need to have socket
> housing size so that the heat sink can still work !! :( And that's
> where I'm stuck :(
> The case: http://campobassi.com/images/hush/hush-m-total.jpg
> The current motherboard:  http://campobassi.com/images/hush/asus.jpg
> HeatPipe/Sink for CPU/graphics chip
> http://campobassi.com/images/hush/photo1.jpg
> http://campobassi.com/images/hush/photo2.jpg
> http://campobassi.com/images/hush/photo3.jpg
> So I guess my questions are
> Are there any motherboards that match the A8N-VM CSM for CPU placement
> etc? or are the adaptors for socket 939s for newer motherboards?
> Or do I have to use this Hush Case as a door stop and forget all about it ?
You may be able to contact the manufacturer... if they updated the case to
support LGA 1155 they may have the kit available.  If not, I suspect you
will need to do some frabication on your own.

I can't tell if there are heatpipes in there, but it's like most similar
cases where it uses the case to radiate the heat away, you may be able to
replace the heatpipes with a watercooled setup... use one of the little
pumps/waterblock combos that sits on your processor and instead of a
radiator, route some copper tubing along the side of the case and secure
with clamps screwed into the aluminum (apply thermal paste to the side of
the case to ensure good transfer).  If your lucky, you can use the same
clamps used by the heatpipes.

I would buy one of these kits: http://www.directron.com/cwch60.html (unless
you can find a similarly low profile pump/waterblock combo)... cut off the
radiator, clamp the pipes on to the copper tubing and you should be good to
go.  The hardest part will be  completely filling the closed loop with no
reservoir but if you plan it properly so that the water always runs
downhill to the CPU and is pumped up to the top of your cooling loop, any
air pockets should remain in the loop rather than making it to the pump
(this is the way the closed loop systems work.
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