[mythtv-users] Raspberry Pi suitability for MythFrontend

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Sun Sep 2 20:36:28 UTC 2012

On 9/2/2012 16:07, Greg Cope wrote:
> Some us do not transcode, nor record or watch blueray or HD and run
> quite happily on low end Atom stuff.

The term "low end" is very much relative. Your average 1.6-1.8GHz dual 
core Atom is nearly an order of magnitude higher performance than the 
700MHz ARM11 in the RPi. That's not including the performance penalty 
hit when you start swapping on a machine with ~200MB of memory, compared 
to an Atom which will more likely have 1-2GB.

I was using that as a point of reference, showing performance complaints 
on an Atom when opening a large library in Watch Recordings, to point 
out potential problems on a yet significantly lower end system.

> I acknowledge it may not run much but I hope it might run a low end
> front end, so please let's not write it off just yet.

I'm not writing it off. I'm just explaining the hurdles to go through in 
using it, and that the addition of hardware MPEG2 support, rather than 
just H264, makes no real difference.

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