[mythtv-users] hostname problem in MythArchive

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Sep 1 12:57:10 UTC 2012

On 08/31/2012 03:23 PM, John Pilkington wrote:
> So does this mean that I ought to try
> <DBLocalHostName>what_your_frontend_is_called</DBLocalHostName>
> in the frontend section where I suggested making the change above?  Or 
> would that, at present, be even more than usual not covered by the 
> non-guarantee?  Really this means 'do the python bindings, at present, 
> support both DBHostName and DBLocalHostName and make the appropriate 
> connections without changes to the python script?'.

You want


and need to place it where indicated at


The name, "LocalHostName", is actually a bit of a misnomer--it's meant 
to identify the profile you want to use for the application.  Since the 
default profile name is the host name, the mysql.txt/config.xml name for 
the setting became LocalHostName (as in LocalHostName /override/).  
We'll be changing it to a better name when we get a chance (something 
like ProfileID).

And, FWIW, specifying a profile ID using LocalHostName is well supported 
by all MythTV applications and should be well supported by both the Perl 
and Python bindings.

> As I have it now it seems that the 'Success' message isn't getting 
> into the DB - or maybe it just isn't accessible by other components - 
> and the 'Play Created DVD' doesn't play; an .iso file is created and I 
> can play it as a video, and burn it as I usually do with k3b, but it 
> might not burn within MythArchive.

I don't know MythArchive, so all I can suggest is to test using a proper 
LocalHostName override (in your mysql.txt and/or config.xml 
file(s)--make sure it uses whichever one(s) you change.  Based on other 
comments in the thread, it sounds like that should fix any issues.


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