[mythtv-users] Running mythbackend on a low-power device

Tyler T tylernt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 19:14:32 UTC 2012

> That's interesting, which SheevaPlug device do you have? It looks like there
> a couple variations based on the reference design.

I have the original, old, GlobalScale SheevaPlug with the single USB
port and no SATA. I get ok performance with a USB hard drive, but now
that SATA devices (Sheeva+, GuruPlug, etc) are available I don't see a
reason to limit yourself to USB unless you get a screaming deal.

BTW "Kirkwood" is probably a better name for these things, as all the
various "Plugs" and many NAS devices use the Kirkwood SOC and are 99%
compatible with each other once you get uBoot sorted.

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