[mythtv-users] HDHR Prime disable not-subscribed

Josh Rosenberg mythtv at desh.info
Wed Nov 28 21:48:29 UTC 2012

On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 2:21 PM,  <mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org> wrote:
> Has anyone written a script that will:
> 1. Iterate through channels provided by Schedules Direct
> 2. Tune each channel with HDHR Prime
> 3. Check HDHR log for "not-subscribed" error
> 4. Disable not-subscribed channels in Schedules Direct lineup
> Doing this manually would involve Live TV, a lot of clicking and waiting,
> and hopping between a couple tabs in a web browser. I'm not looking forward
> to it. If there are no existing scripts to do this (or easier means to
> accomplish the same thing), I could use some guidance on the best way to
> write this script--I might be able to do it completely independent of
> MythTV.
> Tom

This is far from the smoothest way, I'm sure.  But it's what I do.
It's basically your steps 2 and 3.

for n in {2..1350}; do echo $n; done | shloop -e 'hdhomerun_config
XXXXXXXX set /tuner2/vchannel \i; sleep 3; hdhomerun_config XXXXXXXX
get /tuner2/vstatus'

Where XXXXXXXX is your HDHR ID, shloop is
http://www.perlmonks.org/bare/?node_id=154018 , and 1350 is your
highest channel number.  It outputs a list of everything that you can
save, grep, and use to manually edit your SD lineup.  Don't do it
while all 3 tuners are in use.  One advantage its clunkiness provides
over your 4 steps is that this can also be used to add new (or
newly-subscribed) channels.

If someone wants to automate the whole process, or even just make
slight improvements, I too would appreciate it!


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