[mythtv-users] Getting rid of the big ugly coverart area from the Mythbuntu theme

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Wed Nov 28 09:22:09 UTC 2012

Just upgraded to 0.26 and loving it, other than finding the ugly great
coverart area is present in the 0.26 version of the Mythbuntu theme.
It was there in 0.25 for a while but was later reverted. I thought
they'd seen sense! :-) I'm looking to reverting it in 0.26, which
is going to be difficult because I don't know a huge amount about
Qt. Can anyone confirm that this is the correct commit to attempt
to apply:

and anyone know if that's likely to go well?

So here I am dissing their work and asking for help! Hmmm. I
can see I might be asking for trouble, but it is really really
ugly! :-)  I've always liked Mythbuntu particularly for being
the one theme that lets you see the fan art, but that's lost
with this huge coverart area.


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