[mythtv-users] Record sound using a BT848 card

Joe Henley joehenley at kc.rr.com
Tue Nov 27 19:23:16 UTC 2012

> That's a little unclear. Do you mean:
> I hear sound on live tv (when using the BT848) and I hear sound
> playing back recordings made from an HD-PVR..
Yes, you're right, it is unclear.  The one quoted above is what I meant.
> I'd recommend looking for something like a PVR-150/250/500 on ebay.
Yes, but see Nick Rout's comments immediately following your post.  He's 
right.  The entire Hauppauge series has a problem right now.

And in your second post:
> Hmm, I didn't think the ivtv drivers were "in" MythTV. They're usually 
> delivered separately as a Linux kernel module.
Yes, of course you're right; the drivers are in Fedora 16.  When I'm 
ranting I often mis-attribute things.  ;-)
> Anyway, you should be able to get the 848 to work. 
Yes, well, I agree I should be able to get it to work.  In fact, IIRC I 
used to be able to do so. 
> Just attack the problem scientifically and try to narrow down the source.
Yes that's a good point.  I should try that.

Joe Henley

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