[mythtv-users] Record sound using a BT848 card

Joe Henley joehenley at kc.rr.com
Tue Nov 27 04:45:53 UTC 2012

> Why? Is the frontend by the treadmill not powerful enough for the HDPVR
> stuff? If that's the case consider a VDPAU card with s-video or composite
> out (you'd be looking at an 8400 or thereabouts card). Must be better 
> than
> recording everything twice.
> Alternatively transcode your HDPVR recordings to something the treadmill
> frontend can play back? 

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, the FE by the treadmill is very limited.  
And I don't want to spend any money (eg., new video card) on something 
which will soon/eventually die.  What I have for a FE works just fine 
for Std def and the TV is std def.  They do, and have, worked fine for 
my needs.

The issue is the BE.  I have an IVTV based PVR-350 which used to provide 
std def for the FE/TV pairing above.  And it provided the audio info to 
the recording data.  But there is a problem with the IVTV drivers in 
Myth version I use (0.25.2) which results in random occurrences of 
tearing of the top 15 to 20% of the screen.  Lots of damage to the WAF.

There is a patch floating around which "might" fix the problem --- as 
soon as someone on the development team for ivtv drivers looks at/fixes 
it.  Looked at the date of the last update to that driver?  I ain't 
holding my breath.  They have lots of issues to work on with currently 
popular/selling hardware, I doubt the older 150/250/350/500 series 
drivers will get much love for awhile.

So I pulled the 350 from the BE and stuck the BT848 in its place.  I 
(IIRC) think it worked fine several years ago, but I can't remember or 
find out how to do it anymore.  Actually the question is probably more 
about the audio stuff anyway.  So I still am hoping someone who still 
uses a BT848 card, or remembers how its done, can offer some help.

Joe Henley

PS:  Yes, I could transcode stuff from the HD-PVR.  But that still 
leaves me with the (admittedly few) simultaneous recording needs.  Right 
now there are two cases each week where the HD-PVR is recording 
something in HD and the BT848 or PVR-350 needs to be recording something 
else in SD.

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