[mythtv-users] 0.26: filldatabase failing at mythbackend startup?

Bill Meek keemllib at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 15:12:18 UTC 2012

On 11/24/2012 08:23 AM, Steven Adeff wrote:
> I'm seeing this error in the backend log when mythbackend starts,
> 2012-11-24 06:05:02.498227 E  MythFillDatabase command
> '/usr/bin/mythfilldatabase  --verbose general,channel,record --logpath
> /var/log/mythtv --loglevel info --nodblog --syslog local7
> --dd-grab-all --remove-new-channels' failed
> but running the command manually seems to work fine. is this expected behavior?


Short answer, no.

I would have expected to see the return code nearby in the log. Running
the backend with -v system would show the results (of all MythSystem()

At least in 0.27-pre, that text prints in exactly one place.
When the backend's housekeeping runs mythfilldatabase, it
checks its return code. Anything other than 0 causes that
message to log.

So, when you run it manually, add: ; echo $? at the end of
the command line.

What does the echo return?

For a list of exit code meanings, see:



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