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Raymond Boettcher raymondboettcher at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 23 11:46:48 UTC 2012

That is awesome!  I've been using one of those IR Keyboards with a $12 learning TV controller from wal-mart to transfer all the keys to the remote.  This allows me to navigate even in stupid places like LILO/Grub or BIOS.  But my method has issues because auto-repeat generally doesn't work right and if the signal to the sensor isn't clear enough the button will get "stuck down" in auto repeat mode because the IR Keyboard Sensor never got the KEY_UP IR Event.  I was going to disable auto-repeat because it has done that with the volume key and ends up blasting out my livingroom in like 5 seconds.  I have learned to make sure the remote is pointing directly at the sensor before pressing keys because of this.

Usually I pay $30 just for the IR Keyboard with Sensor and then $12 more at wal-mart for a cheap learning remote.  The benefit is I have a full keyboard that uses the same sensor as my TV Controller but this method sounds better tweaked.  They should take the IR Sensor out of its housing and make it plugin to an internal USB Port on the motherboard and fit in the 3 1/2" floppy bay or something (cause you know, I use my floppy drive all the time these days, LOL!)

Raymond Boettcher

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