[mythtv-users] mythtv 0.26 - cannot play live TV on PVR250

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Thu Nov 22 15:59:26 UTC 2012

> Glad to hear it's working again, but it's worth commenting that Mike P's
> workaround of installing tuners in a desired order is supposed to be
> unnecessary in recent builds.  There's a real fix, that probably needs
> specific initialisation.  I haven't located a source for this but ISTR
> Mike Dean mentioning it in the last few days.
> John P

Here's the reference.  I haven't tried (or needed) to use it yet, but at 
least it's a pointer.


 > Or, perhaps you're confusing input priority (what you think you want)
 > with Schedule/Live TV order of capture devices (what you should be
 > using--rather than adding inputs in any particular order--to specify
 > order of usage for recordings and Live TV)...
 > Chances are, setting the Schedule and Live TV order appropriately will
 > fix all the problems and you don't need (nor want) any input priorities.

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