[mythtv-users] What major features are planned for 0.27?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Wed Nov 21 10:57:07 UTC 2012

On 20/11/12 17:42, Mark Greenwood wrote:
> On Tuesday 20 Nov 2012 10:24:39 Mark wrote:
>> On 2012-11-20 10:22 AM, Mark Greenwood wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 20 Nov 2012 10:17:10 Mark wrote:
>>>> On 2012-11-20 9:43 AM, Mark Greenwood wrote:
>>>>> On Tuesday 20 Nov 2012 10:21:56 Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>>>>> On 11/20/2012 02:05 AM, Phill Edwards wrote:
>>>>>>>> I have to ask whether it's time for the folks interested in
>>>>>>>> coding the frontend bits to give up on the Myth frontend as
>>>>>>>> it's own stand-alone app (along with all of it's failing bits)
>>>>>>>> and instead take the working-really-well bits and provide XBMC
>>>>>>>> with first class Myth playback capabilities.
>>>>>>> I love mythfrontend and I find it very disappointing that people
>>>>>>> want to get rid of it as I don't think whatever replaces it will
>>>>>>> be as good for TV recording playback. Sure XBMC looks good but I
>>>>>>> think features come first.
>>>>>> And, FWIW, mythfrontend can look /very/ good, too--just requires
>>>>>> some people to actually help with theming it (rather than just
>>>>>> saying that XBMC is better and recommending we drop
>>>>>> mythfrontend)...
>>>>> Yes, the MythMediaStream theme looks really good, but it does use up
>>>>> a shedload of RAM. IMO all the XBMC themes look great, they're easy
>>>>> to navigate, and seem to use far less memory - which is significant
>>>>> for many who run a frontend on a small PC.
>>>>> But it's not al about eye candy. I've been experimenting with XMBC as
>>>>> a frontend and the setup is SO much simpler - I haven't had to faff
>>>>> with sysctl.conf, udev rules, (for RTC timing) or even the dreaded
>>>>> LIRC. It all just worked (apart from the usual type of faffing with
>>>>> xorg.conf). And A/V sync is spot on with all sources, including TV -
>>>>> which it wasn't with mythtv 0.26.
>>>>> I'm sure mythfrontend is extremely capable (I know it is, I went to
>>>>> the trouble of setting it up) but using XBMC gives me more beer time.
>>>>> I think that perhaps when people say 'XBMC is better' they might mean
>>>>> 'I managed to get XBMC to work so I'm using it because I gave up on
>>>>> mythfrontend after 3 days'.
>>>> Pardon the slightly off topic. There is no xbmc plugin for mythtv 26 is
>>>> there? I would like to look at it if so.
>>> No but there is a mythtv plugin for xbmc, which I think is what you want.
>>> It allows you to use xmbc as a frontend for your mythtv backend. It is,
>>> however, experimental and currently only works with the development
>>> version of xbmc and the add-on itself has to be built from source. It's
>>> all on the xbmc downloads page if you're interested. It's what I'm now
>>> using as my main frontend.
>> Very interesting.  I will try that. Why do you use that rather than
>> mythfrontend? Better experience, performance?
> I have been struggling for several days to get A/V sync correct in
> mythfrontend 0.26 - my movies were OK but the sound on TV was lagging behind
> sufficiently for me to notice. So I tried XBMC to see if it was better, and
> it was. It still took some effort and reading of the XMBC wiki to get my
> xorg.conf set up correctly for all refresh rates (it's slightly different to
> the one I needed for mythtv) but now I've done it everything plays fine. I
> also find the whole layout of the xbmc gui more freindly, and as I've
> mentioned there are so many fewer options that I'm not afraid of touching
> anything.
If it is just the menu layout of XBMC that you prefer, why don't you just write
an XBMC-like theme and contribute it to mythtv-themes?


Mike Perkins

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