[mythtv-users] [0.26] Mythvideo Jump Ahead does not always work

Günter g.lache at gmx.net
Wed Nov 21 10:40:19 UTC 2012

>> Up/Down and PgUp/PgDown behave both as Jump Chapter or as Jump Ahead,
>> depending if chapters exist or not.
>> Is it a bug ?
>It's a feature! :)
>It was done that way on purpose when the dvd stuff was written. Personally
I think the commercial skip keys would have made more sense as chapter jumps
but it doesn't work that way.
>- George
>Yes! That drives me nuts when I try to use the commercial skip buttons and
Myth informs me that it's not flagged. Gee, thanks... That's a big reason
why we generally just use the standalone DVD player (and we know it will
Just >Work).

I am rather new to Mythtv. This behavior took me 6 hours to figure out what
was going on and that I cannot cure to have normal jump. It is undocumented
in the wiki keybinding section. I thought it is a misbehavior in Lirc. As
Lirc isn't the easiest beast. Having undocumented features is a pest.

For what I like mythtv most is it very fast skipping, which I like in 1
minute intervals, skipping through a complete movie takes 5-10 seconds,
great. Chapter Jumps are useless ! It even jumps back sometimes instead of
forward, once more it is useless.

Hope to get normal jump ahead behavior also for media sources with chapter


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