[mythtv-users] What major features are planned for 0.27?

Richard peper03 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 09:58:21 UTC 2012

On 19/11/12 23:20, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> On 12-11-19 05:12 PM, Neil Salstrom wrote:
>> I'd just like rock solid DVD playback
> What's a DVD?  :-)
>> (both physical disk and .iso).
>> I have so many that skip around in the menus or simply crash back to
>> the front end before anything happens.
> But yeah.
>> All the disks I've tried play
>> back flawlessly in all other players (VLC, xine, Totem, XBMC, etc) but
>> only have problems with MythTV.
> Surely something's got to be learnable from those other projects.
> Or instead... I keep hearing about XBMC (I have looked briefly but given
> that playback from MythBE is my primary goal, by a long, long shot, not
> really suitable).
> I have to ask whether it's time for the folks interested in coding the
> frontend bits to give up on the Myth frontend as it's own stand-alone
> app (along with all of it's failing bits) and instead take the
> working-really-well bits and provide XBMC with first class Myth playback
> capabilities.

I've not looked at XBMC but in general I would say that transplanting 
any given feature from Program X into Program Y is not going to work 
because the underlying architectures are almost certainly going to be 
different.  The approach may be the same but the implementation will be 
different.  Then you spend either a huge amount of time adapting the 
code to fit the new architecture or you re-write it from scratch.  Both 
approaches carry a pretty large risk of things not working any more.

Whether it's "port Myth functionality to XBMC" or "port XBMC's DVD 
player to Myth", for me it's more or less the same argument.  Of course, 
you may find that one program's architecture is more welcoming than the 
other's so that the porting effort is lower in one direction.

Maybe it's because I've never used XBMC so I can't compare it, but, as 
for you, my main concern is the ability to record TV and play those 
recordings back.  I have very few issues with the frontend in that respect.


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