[mythtv-users] What major features are planned for 0.27?

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 23:12:38 UTC 2012

On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 11:20 AM, Brian J. Murrell <brian at interlinx.bc.ca>wrote:

> On 12-11-19 05:12 PM, Neil Salstrom wrote:
> >
> > I'd just like rock solid DVD playback
> What's a DVD?  :-)
> > (both physical disk and .iso).
> > I have so many that skip around in the menus or simply crash back to
> > the front end before anything happens.
> But yeah.
> > All the disks I've tried play
> > back flawlessly in all other players (VLC, xine, Totem, XBMC, etc) but
> > only have problems with MythTV.
> Surely something's got to be learnable from those other projects.
> Or instead... I keep hearing about XBMC (I have looked briefly but given
> that playback from MythBE is my primary goal, by a long, long shot, not
> really suitable).
> I have to ask whether it's time for the folks interested in coding the
> frontend bits to give up on the Myth frontend as it's own stand-alone
> app (along with all of it's failing bits) and instead take the
> working-really-well bits and provide XBMC with first class Myth playback
> capabilities.

People are reporting good results again from XBMC 12 beta and various myth

If your backend is 0.24 then XBMC 11 works fine with the Mythbox frontend
addon. You get scheduling, commskip but not speedup (ie watch at 1.3x).

The standard mythbox does not work with 0.25 backend, but there is a fork
that does - https://github.com/mitchcapper/mythbox - but I think it needs
XBMC 12 (still in beta)

Also XBMC has now merged it's PVR branch, but i am yet to see this working
with mythtv (although have seen reports that it does)

> I'm sure this suggestion will raise much ire.
Debate is healthy.

> b.
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