[mythtv-users] Setting up a new backend from scratch

Harry%20Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Mon Nov 19 21:06:43 UTC 2012

I have a backend on the latest 0.25-fixes that went "belly up" on me the other day (it boots to a BusyBox prompt, and I suspect the hard disk failed). My main PC in my house is running Ubuntu, so I figured I'd configure MythTV on it since my tuners are 1 HDHR and 1 HDHR Prime. I have no problem starting over from scratch with a fresh MythTV installation, I just don't want to reinstall from a Mythbuntu CD. 

My main PC used to have act as a frontend, but now I'd like have a combined BE/FE combo. I tried using the mythbuntu control center to configure the backend role, but whenever I run mythtv-setup, it tells me that it can't connect to the mysql server, even though its running. I get prompted for my country and language, then it says that it can't connect to my mysql database on my IP. So, what I want to know is the following: 

1) How do I remove the previous FE stuff? 
2) How do I configure mysql properly so the mythtv-setup will connect to it. 
3) Are there any other "gotchas" that I haven't covered in this approach? 

Thanks for any advice! 

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