[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend Time Check Routine.

Raymond Boettcher raymondboettcher at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 18 07:06:07 UTC 2012

ahhhh -g, good to know...  I'll have to fix that in my startup scripts.  As far as clock sync goes, the mythbackend server is also my internet router.  So it sync's it clock from internet sources.  All my computers in the house sync clock from the NTP Server running on my mythbackend/router.  That way if the external references does fail at least all the machines in the house will agree with the servers time.  The server's clock is fairly stable as the motherboard in that system is maybe 6 months old.  Other machines in the house, especially the one in my bedroom is 3-4 years old and tend to loose sync a little faster but usually not enough to make ntp mad about not syncing the clock.  It was just the one system that was off during Daylight Savings time that failed to adjust and then made ntpd mad enough to not fix the clock.

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On 17.11.2012 19:00, Raymond Boettcher wrote:

Which distribution is that?

> One of the bigger problems I have is the time checker in mythfrontend.
> There is no way to make mythfrontend ignore the skew and ntpd is very
> picky. At this point I finally setup a ntp server on my mythtv server to
> sync the time to the frontends. One problem that happens rarely is it
> will fail to sync. It seems that if the time is to far out of alignment
> ntpd will ignore updating the clock.

If ntp is failing on start you might try with the "-g" option. If the
clock is so bad that it falls out of sync faster then ntp will fix it
you've got bad hardware and should get your money back.


> But since things are the way they are now, is there a option for the
> ntpd.conf to tell the frontends to sync the clock no matter how skewed
> the clock is?? Thanks...

look at the "tinker" configuration option and its "panic" value.


PS: Don't forget to setup a local reference clock with high stratum to
still have local clocks in sync when you lose the external clock
reference. The clock will be off, but agree to each other.
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