[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend Time Check Routine.

Raymond Boettcher raymondboettcher at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 17 18:00:32 UTC 2012

One of the bigger problems I have is the time checker in mythfrontend.  There is no way to make mythfrontend ignore the skew and ntpd is very picky.  At this point I finally setup a ntp server on my mythtv server to sync the time to the frontends.  One problem that happens rarely is it will fail to sync.  It seems that if the time is to far out of alignment ntpd will ignore updating the clock.

I have a custom .xsession file for kdm to kickoff mythfrontend with fvwm2 but if the clock is to far out of sync ntpd will fail to sync the clock and cause a login/logout loop in kdm as mythfrontend keeps exiting and then kdm auto logs to user in again.  I had to ssh to one of the boxes one day just to make the login/logout loop stop.

It would seem that you have implemented all the api to get the time and compare.  Why not add the one missing API call to actually set the clock using an option on the frontend like --setclock or at least add --ignoreclock.  If anything the frontend should complain about the clock on the UI with an Okay button that will exit mythfrontend or a sync clock option to stay in.

But since things are the way they are now, is there a option for the ntpd.conf to tell the frontends to sync the clock no matter how skewed the clock is??  Thanks...

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