[mythtv-users] 0.25.3: 0-Byte recordings, how to fix?

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Sat Nov 17 10:01:00 UTC 2012

On 17/11/12 09:20, cvb at kruemel.org wrote:
> Hi John, all:
>>>>>>> 0-Byte-recordings.
>>>>>> Don't know if this is relevant, or just for my tuner card.  I used to
>>>>>> get this a lot on my dual tuner, when EIT was enabled on both tuners,
>>>>>> used to lock it up.
>>>>> I just tried to verify that in my configuration. I have configured one
>>>>> input device with up to 2 simultaneous recordings for the TT-3200. Is
>>>>> that correct? And if so, how can I tell mythtv to use only one of the
>>>>> tuners for EIT? I couldn't find an option for this.
>>>> No guarantee that this is the problem, but the EIT option is in
>>>> mythtvsetup > Capture card setup > Recording options.
>>> Using this option, I can only turn off active EIT for both tuners,
>>> right?
>> Wrong: there should be a separate page for each tuner...
> That is interesting... Is there any way how I can set this up correctly?
> I have configured one tuner with up to 2 simultaneous recordings.

At the tuner identification stage you should be able to select a second 
adapter from a drop-down list.  Set it up like the other one.  You may 
find that one of them will work in an active scan, perhaps not both.

My system still has tuner ident problems and I'm reluctant to fiddle 
with that part of the setup without good reason, but this may only 
affect Fedora-based boxes.  If you can't identify another tuner see


>>> In any case, I disabled active EIT scanning to see if that helps. This
>>> morning, I had 15 0-byte recordings, none succeeded...
>> But it doesn't sound like the cause, for you.
> Oh, it appears it is! Since I have disabled active EIT scanning, I have
> not yet had any further 0-Byte recording. The issue is, of course, that
> my TV guide data is suffering. Is there any way to triger an active EIT
> scan from command line at a certain time?

During recording you should get a passive scan of that mux, so you could 
try scheduling recordings just to get the data; but try active on just 
one tuner first.


John P

> Thanks, Chris

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