[mythtv-users] Auto-started Mythbackend = Remote Mythfrontend connection failure

Darethehair darethehair at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 22:34:15 UTC 2012

On 16/11/12 03:45 PM, Jonatan Lindblad wrote:
> Do you actually need network-manager?  Is it possible for you to 
> configure your interface in /etc/network/interfaces and instead depend 
> on $network in your mythtv-backend init script?
> -- 
> Jonatan
Yes, that probably would be another option -- but as you say it still 
looks like adding a dependency into 'mythtv-backend' for networking 
(either '$network' or 'network-manager') for Debian users.  At that 
point, either having a delay (like I did), or hard-coded wireless 
network parms in '/etc/network/interfaces' would do the trick :)

I remain puzzled, though, that other Debian users have not encountered 
the same challenge (?).

All in all, I remain even more impressed with MythTV than I was in the 
past -- I have used it for many years, but often go for extended periods 
without 'touching' it (so that I don't break it).  Recently, I upgraded 
one of my frontend machines, and (again) was forced to upgrade the 
backend to the same version -- and it was easier to do a fresh LMDE 
install for that.  Not sure why, but running a wireless frontend on a 
netbook was impossibly too slow before, but now I can easier watch TV 
(or recordings) on my little Asus netbook if I want!


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