[mythtv-users] Why I prefer to watch sport via "Live TV" vs. recorded

Tyler T tylernt at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 22:22:14 UTC 2012

>> surely it would be simple to add a test, say 30 seconds after a recording
>> starts
> What if my tuner takes 45 seconds to lock onto the channel and start
> streaming data to MythTV?  Any wait time test like you suggest will be
> arbitrary and prone to breaking with working (yet slow) drivers/hardware.

If your tuner takes 45 seconds to lock on, it's broken. I can't
imagine any real-world use case where a tuner could take more than 30
seconds to lock on to a signal and still go on to produce a watchable

Ok, so a 30-second wait may be arbitrary and break some tiny fraction
of theoretical tuners, but it would also benefit a far, far greater
number of actual tuners.

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