[mythtv-users] Auto-started Mythbackend = Remote Mythfrontend connection failure

Darethehair darethehair at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 16:23:30 UTC 2012

On 16/11/12 09:35 AM, Thomas Mashos wrote:
> The networking doesn't wait for the backend to come up (if it did, 
> what would happen on systems without a backend?). The backend will 
> wait for some networking to come up before it starts (networking that 
> isn't lo).
> How long does it take your system to boot up completely?
> Thanks,
> Thomas Mashos
I should have been clearer in my speculation -- what I meant is that on 
my backend server, it appears as though the networking is starting 
*after* the 'mythtv-backend' scripts run.  So putting a delay in the 
'mythtv-backend' script to wait for the network would not work.

I just installed 'bootlogd' (I wonder why something so useful isn't 
installed by default?), and the new '/var/log/boot' seems to confirm my 

Fri Nov 16 10:11:17 2012: [ ok ] Starting MySQL database server: mysqld . ..
Fri Nov 16 10:11:20 2012: [info] Checking for tables which need an 
upgrade, are corrupt or were
Fri Nov 16 10:11:20 2012: not closed cleanly..
Fri Nov 16 10:11:22 2012: Starting MythTV server: mythbackend .
Fri Nov 16 10:11:24 2012: [ ok ] Starting network connection manager: 

To answer your original question, it takes about 1:45 for my Atom 330 PC 
to boot completely to a desktop, complete with a wireless connection.  


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