[mythtv-users] Hide MythBrowser UI (full-screen content)

Erik Jensen eriksjunk at laurelwoodart.com
Fri Nov 16 06:53:33 UTC 2012

Is there any way to hide the UI elements in MythBrowser so that the content
fills the whole screen, possibly having them appear/disappear when 'i' in

I have a page with an embedded video that has hight and width both set to
100% (so the video fills the browser window), and I would like to view it
full screen. Currently, it fills the content area in MythBrowser, but I
have not found a way to make the content area fill the screen.

I cannot simply click "full screen" in the Flash video player because
(besides not having a convenient way to use a mouse) the top half of the
video gets cut off (I am projecting onto a 16:9 screen with a 4:3
projector, and I had to put it vertically off-center to avoid keystone

As an alternative possibility, is there any to force a "full screen" flash
video to actually only use the visible part of the display?

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