[mythtv-users] Which tuner did MythTV use?

Ray Lischner linux at tempest-sw.com
Fri Nov 16 00:27:24 UTC 2012

On 11/15/2012 02:11 AM, Lee Maisel wrote:
> Also you could just use the HD HomeRun utility and watch the raw video
> coming from the tuners, and switch between tuners at will.   Also you
> can see the signal strength/quality graphs..
> If you have your antenna on a splitter to the two units, one leg may be
> bad.

I did that and successfully identified a bad tuner (which actually 
turned out to be a bad power block). Now, they uniformly present solid 
signal strength and quality.

Thanks to everyone for the advice. Unfortunately, I cannot find any 
obvious pattern to the recording failures. Now I need to try to find a 
non-obvious pattern.
Ray Lischner

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