[mythtv-users] Lossless Cut and removing recordings

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Thu Nov 15 21:08:53 UTC 2012

     I am at a loss. When I first tested the issue in aVM with v0.26 I 
saw this one hour issue of course that was a day after day light savings 
ended. The next day, which was after the day-light-savings ended,I 
decided to upgrade my production system from v0.25 to v0.26 as I wanted 
to eliminate any misleading results caused by invalid test data in theVM.

     I upgraded and recorded a new show. This meant I had a show which 
had been recorded under MythTV 0.25 and one under v0.26. Those two 
videos I deleted purely throughthe python bindings. Both deletes worked 
so I concluded that it was likely that your install neededan update.

     My automatic deletions are still working on my MythTV v0.26 
install. When MythTV v0.26 moved to UTC date-times, my understanding was 
day-light-savings became irrelevant. All the database date times get 
automatically changed to UTC values the first time you start the 
mythbackend or mythtv-setup. I check my own database to validate thatfact.

Is this issue ocurring with all the recordings you want to have 
automatically removed? Even the ones recorded afterthe end of 
day-light-savings time?

I wish I had something else to suggest.


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