[mythtv-users] VDPAU errors on ATI OpenGL playback profile

HP-mini blm-ubunet at slingshot.co.nz
Thu Nov 15 08:31:39 UTC 2012

> Because VDPAU is a nVidia only proprietary API.  The message
> "No VDPAU device" is the hint.  ATI has their own proprietary API,
> but the only support for HW decoding with ATI cards in MythTV is
> via the VAAPI API, although your mileage will vary as to how well
> it works (some people have had success, others not so much; the
> list archives have the reports).
The API was written by nVidia but it is open std free to use.
It is/was being used by Gallium3d for Radeon & nouveau drivers.
Although this did not include h/w decode (it might soon), the
presentation & post processing works & that is arguably more useful for
anyone with non-atom processor.

I've read of some other video driver using vdpau as well (not nVidia

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