[mythtv-users] UPnP server shows one track per album

Michael PARKER michael.parker at st.com
Wed Nov 14 18:02:23 UTC 2012

I'm seeing a problem when viewing my music library via UPnP, with each track being displayed under a separate album.


<album A>/<track 1>
<album A>/<track 2>

Looking at the library in Mythmusic or via Mythweb shows no problems, with tracks being grouped under their respective albums - it's only when viewing via UPnP that the problem arises.

I'm running 0.23-1 on a FC12 box.

I've tried modifiying the 'NonID3FileNameFormat' variable and re-scanning the music library but to no effect.

Any ideas on what might be going on here?

Many thanks,


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