[mythtv-users] 0.25.3: 0-Byte recordings, how to fix?

cvb at kruemel.org cvb at kruemel.org
Wed Nov 14 07:08:11 UTC 2012

>>>> 0-Byte-recordings.
>>> Don't know if this is relevant, or just for my tuner card.  I used 
>>> to
>>> get this a lot on my dual tuner, when EIT was enabled on both 
>>> tuners,
>>> used to lock it up.
>> I just tried to verify that in my configuration. I have configured 
>> one
>> input device with up to 2 simultaneous recordings for the TT-3200. 
>> Is
>> that correct? And if so, how can I tell mythtv to use only one of 
>> the
>> tuners for EIT? I couldn't find an option for this.
> No guarantee that this is the problem, but the EIT option is in
> mythtvsetup > Capture card setup > Recording options.

Using this option, I can only turn off active EIT for both tuners, 

In any case, I disabled active EIT scanning to see if that helps. This 
morning, I had 15 0-byte recordings, none succeeded...


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