[mythtv-users] MacPorts Python Bindings Location

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Tue Nov 13 03:06:46 UTC 2012

At 8:46 PM -0700 11/12/12, Jared McIntyre wrote:
>I recently installed the MacPorts build of mythtv. I was having 
>trouble getting the metadata system working when I realized that the 
>python bindings were in:
>That path isn't in the module lookup path for python26 on my system. 
>Instead, MacPorts has installed all the other modules in:
>Is this an issue, or is there some configuration step that I'm missing?

Yeah, I became aware of this issue recently:


Setting the PYTHONPATH environment variable will work around it for 
the time being.  I'm not a Python guy and my time has been pretty 
limited just recently so I haven't figured out a better solution.

BTW, the MacPorts backend WILL get an appropriate PYTHONPATH when run 
via launchd and the (overnight) metadatalookup is working for me. 
Are you trying to initiate metadatalookup from the recording rules 

(portfile maintainer for mythtv-core.25 and friends)

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