[mythtv-users] Avoid HD-Recording

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Mon Nov 12 18:57:43 UTC 2012

I'm sure there is somewhere you can setup rules - such as increasing 
priority of programs flagged as "HD" so they are preferred over SD. 
Ah, found it, it's under Setup -> Custom Priority Rules which is a 
global setting. In there, there is a sample clause of HD programs 
which inserts "program.hdtv > 0" as a clause.

I suppose you could create a rule that matches HDTV and reduces the 
priority, but only if some other clause is in effect - perhaps have a 
separate recordings group (is that the right terminology ?) for the 
old B&W films and include that group as a clause ?
Then when scheduling a recording for such a film, specify that it has 
to go into that special group, and the rule will take effect and 
lower the priority for HD versions.

All assuming that HD is properly flagged of course !

Simon Hobson

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