[mythtv-users] Cannot watch migrated recordings from UPnP Client

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Nov 12 04:30:12 UTC 2012

On 11/10/2012 02:53 PM, R KANNAN wrote:
> Hello,
> I switched my backend+frontend to a newer machine and independently 
> set up  the new backend.
> I copied the recordings from the old machine to the new machine and 
> updated the database as per..
> http://www.mythpvr.com/mythtv/tips/migrate-recordings.html

Yes, the post that should be titled, "How to corrupt your database."

> I got one error message from mysql saying...
> ERROR 1062 (23000) at line 44: Duplicate entry 'WWJ-HD-2012-11-12 
> 20:00:00-How I Met Your Mother' for key 'PRIMARY'
> Not sure what caused it.
> Two issues with these recordings:
> 1) I can watch the recordings in the frontend but I cannot see them 
> over UpNP. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that there is a delay 
> before the new recordings are presented to the UPnP clients that can 
> be changed. I am not sure if this is the problem here.
> 2) The thumbnails for the recordings do not show up in mythweb whereas 
> the freshly recorded programs have the thumbnails. I had the *.png 
> files copied over as well.  They show up in the local frontend fine.
> Also, how do I change the backend log level from mythweb or 
> mythbackend-setup GUI. I see from mythweb it is set to zero. But i 
> don't remember what the setting for seeing the log from 'mythweb'.
> Thanks

Proper way to "migrate" recordings:  full database restore, change host 
name (unless you were smart and chose to use the same host name), run 
mythtv-setup, profit.



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