[mythtv-users] Migrating from UK EIT to XMLTV guide ?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sun Nov 11 22:59:05 UTC 2012

On 11/11/12 22:08, Roger Siddons wrote:
> Is it possible to migrate from the EIT (UK OTA Freeview) to Radio Times XMLTV
> whilst retaining my recording history ?
> I've been on EIT for many years but I was considering a change to XMLTV to
> obtain better season/episode data. However I notice that the RT program ids seem
> to bear no relation to the EIT crids. Thus Myth is going to re-record everything
> I've already watched and I don't fancy managing it all manually.
> I haven't yet worked out how the RT program ids are allocated (I assumed they
> would be the based on the crid from the broadcaster). Can anyone point me in the
> right direction ? More pertinently, is there any way to convert between them and
> the crids ?
> I've seen lots of discussion about the pros/cons of EIT/XMLTV over the years but
> hadn't appreciated that, having made a choice, I was stuck with it!
> I think the only alternative is to delete all the crids in my database so that
> Myth is forced to use subtitle matching. But I'm sceptical that will be
> satisfactory as many of my programs have no subtitle (eg. Grand Designs) and I
> know the descriptions aren't going to match.
> Someone must have tried this before. Any advice or experience to relate ?
I've used nothing but the xmltv feeds since I set up mythtv back in the dark 
ages. Yet, I /still/ find that my system sometimes forgets about programs that I 
/know/ have been recorded in the past - and which may indeed still be on disk.

The only way to deal with these is to override with 'never record', which makes 
a fake entry in the db saying that the program has, in fact already been recorded.

If you use 'Subtitles then Description' and 'New episodes only' you'll find that 
you don't get too many duplicate matches, even for Grand Designs, which I also 
record. It doesn't take long in mythweb to zap the rest.


Mike Perkins

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