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Mark Greenwood fatgerman at gmail.com
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On Sunday 11 Nov 2012 00:55:31 Mark Greenwood wrote:

On Saturday 10 Nov 2012 16:02:28 Jim Stichnoth wrote:

On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 3:19 PM, Mark Greenwood <fatgerman at gmail.com> wrote:

Playback OSD Menu is the one brought up by pressing 'M'? I only get 'Enable Subtitles' or 'Text Subtitles', both one which switch on the subtitles but only for that one single playback. Any ideas?


Yes, that's where you should find the Enable/Disable Forced Subtitles option.

Are you running 0.26?  There are several forced subtitle fixes/improvements that went into 0.26.

Do other players like vlc respect the forced subtitle track?  If not, maybe you created the mkv file incorrectly.  But if they do, then MythTV should be fixed.  It would help greatly if you could make a short sample available that demonstrates the problem, and open a new ticket.


Yes I'm running 0.26 from the mythbuntu repo. As for other players, I have played it in smplayer; smplayer displays the subtitles even when I choose the 'Forced Subtitles Only' option. mplayer from the command line with no options also displays them. I can't find a similar option in VLC, but it also displays the subtitles. mediainfo says the subtitle track has the Forced flag set, as does mkvinfo.

It's possible that I did the merge incorrectly, but it's only a case of merging an avi file and an srt file using the mkvmerge gui and setting the 'forced' option for the subtitle track - there isn't very much I could have done wrong :). It occurs to me that this makes the subtitle a 'plain text' subtitle, which is not what you would find on a DVD, so perhaps that is the issue? Or is there a 'preferred subtitle language' setting somewhere in mythtv, like there is in VLC, that would need to be set?

FYI, the problem is that these are Text Subtitles. I just created another mkv in the same way except that this time I merged an avi file with external VobSub subtitles. MythTV recognises these and gives me the option to 'Disable Forced Subtitles'. So the issue is when the mkv file has Text Subtitles - eg a merged avi/srt.

I'll try to create a sample but I don't have anywhere to upload it. On the other hand I could easily give instructions on how to create one, it takes about 30 seconds.

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