[mythtv-users] Password protect Recording Group does not accept correct password?

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 11:34:56 UTC 2012

>> I enter the password and click OK and it returns me to the main menu
>> instead of showing my All Programmes.  I am just using All Programmes
>> as an example as everyone should have this entry.
> I am using 0.26-fixes, and it "works for me" as expected. It's worth noting
> that, if I intentionally enter an incorrect password, it doesn't return me
> to the main menu. Rather, it shows a completely blank recordings list. This
> is also what happens if I press Esc to clear the dialog.
> This suggests that there is something wrong with your setup or binary. You
> might try running with "-v all" to see if there is some sort of error. Also,
> which paint engine are you using, OpenGL or Qt? If possible, try switching.
> Finally, try using a different theme. Perhaps this dialog is damaged in the
> one you're using.

Can you try enabling Setup - Video - Playback - 5/8 Always Prompt For
Initial Group Filter and try again.

It appears this option is causing the problem as if I turn it off the
password works fine, turn if on and the password does not work.

I am using OpenGL, does not appear to be any UTF8 warnings in the log,
Mythbuntu theme, 0.26fixes and wireless keyboard.


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