[mythtv-users] Lossless_cut error Could not find setting 'BackendServerIP[6]' on host 'envy'

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 05:14:48 UTC 2012

I have a Mint 13  (which uses pretty well ubuntu 12.04/precise packages)
laptop (named envy). mythfrontend works fine on it, and the backend runs
0.25 but is on 10.04/lucid. On the laptop I have installed lossless_cut
0.1.8 via the ppa and also have mkvtoolnix 5.8.0 and mediainfo 0.7.52 which
I believe are the appropriate versions. I believe I have followed the wiki

When I run the test command I get:

nick at envy ~ $ sudo -umythtv lossless_cut -f Videos/2010_20120815223000.mpg
Acquiring access to MythTV failed, aborting script.
Error(MythTV python bindings could not be imported, error(MythTV backend
connection attempt, error(Could not find setting 'BackendServerIP[6]' on
host 'envy')))

The file concerned is created by mythtv on the backend and just happens to
be lying around on the laptop as I was trying some transcode stuff.

Actually in writing this I am beginning to wonder whether this is in fact
supposed to be installed on the backend?

Or can it be run from a frontend?

Nick (confused as usual).
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