[mythtv-users] Remote weirdness

Peter Buelow goballstate at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 15:18:05 UTC 2012

So, quick backstory. My boot drive died and I finally got it running again. It's a vanilla Fedora 17 install with XFCE, effectively identical to the original, and I had my /etc backed up, so I was able to keep my working lircd.conf and other config files. Reinstall went fairly smooth. However, because of the crash, I lost my database, so I'm installing myth from scratch (not a big deal, not much critical in there anyway). It's a combo BE/FE. So, now the story. Some of my remote key presses do work with the FE. Others don't. Prior to the crash, they all worked. For instance, I can move right, but not up/down/left. ir-keytable -t shows all the presses are making it out of the remote to the kernel, but when I go to Edit Keys under settings, only some of the remote events show up there when I try to manually assign what isn't working. Basically, Myth only sees a subset of events but they all *should* be there. My Android remote and the keyboard do work, so I know it's not just  a problem moving down. An example of a working and non working key press is below. In this example, KEY_NUMERIC_POUND doesn't work, while KEY_SPACE does. I have a logitech universal remote, so some keys are mapped a bit odd as the buttons don't map perfectly. Any thoughts? I've had a lot of lirc issues in the past, but this is the first time I've seen Myth act funny when lirc seems to be working. BTW, there is nothing about lirc in the frontend log with -v all. No errors at all. I'll post if anyone asks.

2012-11-09 19:47:32.537180 C  mythfrontend version: fixes/0.25 [0.25.2-2.fc17 (v0.25.2-15-g46cab93)] www.mythtv.org
2012-11-09 19:47:32.537219 C  Qt version: compile: 4.8.2, runtime: 4.8.3

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 15c2:0038 SoundGraph Inc. GD01 MX VFD Display/IR Receiver

Testing events. Please, press CTRL-C to abort.
1352513309.731462: event MSC: scancode = 2200020
1352513309.731465: event key down: KEY_NUMERIC_POUND (0x020b)
1352513309.731466: event sync
1352513309.779459: event MSC: scancode = 2200020
1352513309.779460: event sync
1352513309.875457: event MSC: scancode = 2200020
1352513309.875458: event sync
1352513309.971459: event MSC: scancode = 2200020
1352513309.971460: event sync
1352513310.067461: event key up: KEY_NUMERIC_POUND (0x020b)

1352513310.067462: event sync
1352513313.323522: event MSC: scancode = 200002c
1352513313.323524: event key down: KEY_SPACE (0x0039)
1352513313.323525: event sync
1352513313.371530: event MSC: scancode = 200002c
1352513313.371531: event sync
1352513313.475523: event MSC: scancode = 200002c
1352513313.475524: event sync
1352513313.571523: event MSC: scancode = 200002c
1352513313.571524: event sync
1352513313.667525: event key up: KEY_SPACE (0x0039)
1352513313.667526: event sync

and from .mythtv/lircrc

# Channel Down
    prog   = mythtv
    button = KEY_NUMERIC_POUND
    config = Down

    prog = mythtv
    button = KEY_SPACE
    config = Right

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