[mythtv-users] MythMusic - Is there a simple way to just tell it to play an album?

Paul Onley paul at onley.net
Sat Nov 10 03:31:05 UTC 2012

On 11/08/2012 04:57 PM, Paul Harrison wrote:
> On 08/11/12 06:57, Paul Onley wrote:
>> Ha Ha. I said sensible idea :) You can browse the directory tree and add
>> Would it be possible to add the ability to navigate the tree in 10% 
>> increments with the number keys like the previous mythmusic did.
> I added back that feature to my fork sometime ago 
> https://github.com/paul-h/mythtv/commit/8a9910a. I've pinged Stuart 
> Morgan a couple of times about it but I don't believe I got a reply 
> from him.
>> Alternatively, If you want to get creative go with a binary search, 
>> each keypress splits the previous chunk in half. One down goes to the 
>> middle with half the list above and half below, one up splits the 
>> chunk above in half and goes to the middle, one down splits the chunk 
>> below in half and goes to the middle.... This approach would allow 
>> navigation to any location within a list of 10,000 entries in less 
>> than 15 presses of the up and down arrows on the remote.
> Its a clever idea but do you think most MythTV users will know what a 
> binary search is? It would just confuse the hell out of most people. 
> I've got a similar number of tracks to you and using the button list 
> search I can usually find the artist I'm looking for in 6 or 7 
> keypresses (2 of those are to open and close the search popup) so I 
> win :).
While many users might not understand the principle I think an awful lot 
would like the idea given the opportunity to try it. I'm not suggesting 
it replace any of the existing functionality but rather augment it. I 
agree that the search works well but to be honest I'd kind of like to 
see it on the main switch to screen. The other problem is that truthful, 
I'm not always sure what I want to listen to until I see an artists name 
or track title but that doesn't mean I want to wade through 20 or 30 
pages of A's. Some times I only remember part of the artists name or 
track title and need to go look at the M's to jog my memory. Just an idea.
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