[mythtv-users] Airplay Jumpy Audio

Brian White bjwhite at columbus.rr.com
Fri Nov 9 22:23:24 UTC 2012

I need a little guidance about Airplay audio.    I have an AC3 pass-through setup for all of my video/recording watching and it works great for 5.1 surround.   With 0.25, I was never to get even a hint of audio to play from my iPad, but with 0.26 I am getting jumpy audio.  A second on -- a second off.    I see the amp flashing it's connection on/off with mythtv while I'm hearing a bit of audio.    The CPU is not being taxed at all, so that's not a bottleneck.   Any ideas what I could try or debug to figure this out?    I use Airplay all the time at work with an AppleTV and would love to get it to work at home.


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