[mythtv-users] Announcement: Lossless Cut Beta has been released

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Fri Nov 9 16:59:08 UTC 2012

     Every time I have seen this error it means you do not have a 
"~/.mythtv/config.xml" file or its contents are not valid. Also 
sometimes the MythTV backend is running under a different user account 
then what you use in a terminal session. I believe that Mythbuntu runs 
under theuser account "mythtv". So your personal account has a 
"~/.mythtv/config.xml" file but the "mythtv" account does not.

     I also run the MythTV backend under a "mythtv" user account so I 
symlinked a "mythtv" "~/.mythtv/config.xml" file to my regular user 
account "~/.mythtv/config.xml" file. I did this just oncase I made a 
change to it both accounts got that change.

There are comments in the wiki about testing Lossless Cut when you run 
the backend under a "mythtv" account. See:

You would never have received that message if you did not have the 
python bindings already installed.

You can prove that by running in a terminal session:
 > mythpython --version

You can even try:
 > sudo -umythtv mythpython --version

I hope this helps.


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