[mythtv-users] Announcement: Lossless Cut Beta has been released

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Fri Nov 9 01:47:00 UTC 2012

With this new release Lossless Cut moves from Alpha to Beta. See details 

Beta test status update (Thu, 08 Nov 2012 13:28):
v0.1.7 Bug Fixes:

  * Fixed how the SQL starttime and progstart UTC values were determine.
    On some MythTV 0.26 installs the values were not correct which
    caused Lossless Cut to be unable to find essential markup record
    data like FPS and therefore gracefully abort
  * Changed the java runtime dependency error message to display properly.
  * Fixed a bug where the bug report sample starttime was not properly
    converting hours into seconds
  * With a concert cut that does not have a subtitle, remove the
    subtitle from the file name format string

v0.1.7 Changes:

  * Added check for the minimum MythTV install which is v0.24+fixes
  * Added check for pre MythTV release versions that cannot be supported.
      o This change directly effects Gentoo users who are using the
        ebuilds for their MythTV v0.26 installs. The ebuilds are using a
        pre-release of v0.26 that does not include fixes that Lossless
        Cut requires. You will need to upgrade your install manually to
        at least v0.26+fixes
  * Added a check for the UTCTZ datetime class with MythTV v0.26 and higher
  * Change the method to get fps, first and last frame from a SQL call
    to use the python bindings which avoids issues with UTC date
    conversions in MythTV v0.26 and higher
  * Removed several SQL calls and use the MythTV python bindings instead
    which reduced the need to deal with UTC start and end times changes
    in MythTV v0.26 and higher
  * Removed the python-dateutil dependency
  * Added a new configuration file section called
    "mkvmerge_user_settings". This section allows a user to customise
    the command line for either/or the mkvmerge cut or merge processing.
    This is a "use at your own risk" set of variables.
  * Made a common routine to create a lossless_cut.cfg file and removed
    redundant code in lossless_cut.py, keyframe_adjust.py and ll_report.py
  * With a "-r" replace lossless_cut.py renames the original recording
    with an added ".old" rather than ".Old" to be consistent with
    mythtranscode's similar function
  * When replacing a recording reset the commflagged indicator to be
    consistent with mythtranscode

GOING FORWARD: Assuming the v0.1.7 release has no major issues the 
project will move into maintenance mode in two weeks Wed, Nov 21st.

For the Lossless Cut documentation see: 

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