[mythtv-users] Silly Idea for a Parttime frontend: HP Microserver?

Josu Lazkano josu.lazkano at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 12:21:34 UTC 2012

2012/11/8 Simon Hobson <linux at thehobsons.co.uk>:
> Anthony Giggins wrote:
>> Anyone running one of these as a frontend, possibly with an Nvidia card to
>> run VDPAU?
>> claims to have a 16x PCI-E slot...
>> <http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/me/en/sm/WF06b/15351-15351-4237916-4237917-4237917-4248009-5153477.html?dnr=1>http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/me/en/sm/WF06b/15351-15351-4237916-4237917-4237917-4248009-5153477.html?dnr=1
> I don't think I'd call it a silly idea, though perhaps a bit overkill.
> Fairly small box, very quiet (it has a big 6" (?) fan in the back), and low
> power (my backend takes about 40-50W with two HVR1300 tuners and two HDs in
> it).
> It doesn't come with an optical drive installed, or the cables (SATA data,
> and Molex to SATA power adapter) for one. And you'll want to tape over the
> light behind the big bright blue HP logo on the front.
> Best thing about them is that they seem to be on perpetual cashback offers
> from HP - and after allowing for that, there's quite a bit of machine for
> your money.
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I have one of this HP microserver, but I am using it for backend. I
recommend you a Nvidia ION based board for the frontend.


Josu Lazkano

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