[mythtv-users] 0.25.3: 0-Byte recordings, how to fix?

cvb at kruemel.org cvb at kruemel.org
Thu Nov 8 10:23:59 UTC 2012

>>> 0-Byte-recordings.
> i get issues with one of my USB tuners (replaced it - weak v4l driver
> support). It used to lockup and only removing it from the USB bus did
> it work again - reboots didn't fix.
> ime, 0B recordings are down to the follow - no satellite lock, no
> antenna connected, or tuner config/hardware related issues.

0-Byte-recordings and mythtv continuously thinking it has to continue 
recording can both be fixed by restarting mythtv-backend. I have a cron 
job here checking mythshutdown status and then restarting mythtv, if 
appropriate. However, the restart doesn't always work, if mythtv thinks 
it's still recording...

In any case, this makes me believe that this is something which may 
have a relation to mythtv and not (merely) to the HW. Satellite lock, 
antenna should be ok, the rest of the TV system does not have related 


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